4 Reasons You Should Keep Going to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

You may reach a point in your recovery where you have quite a bit of time in sobriety and everything is going well. This is definitely a good thing. Many people get to this point, however, and they feel like they no longer need to go to meetings. I’m here to tell you why you should keep going to those meetings.

1. You should help newcomers by not allowing them to show up to an empty room.

Do you remember your first meeting? Were you afraid? Did you feel uncomfortable? Did it take a lot of courage for you just to walk through the door? Didn’t it make you feel better to see all of the confident and happy people who had managed to get their lives together? Didn’t it fill you with hope and optimism about your own life? You should want to do the same for newcomers. Helping others on their paths to recovery can be just as rewarding as walking down your own path to recovery. You have to keep going to meetings for this to happen.

2. Meetings will help you to overcome loneliness and also isolation.

Once you are isolated and alone, the chances of a relapse are much more likely. Attending meetings and staying involved in the program will help to ensure that you have fellowship and support. You will also find that the wisdom of the group will help you to defeat self-destructive and delusional thought patterns that alcoholics are often plagued with.

3. For many people, a connection to God or a higher power is more likely to be felt when attending meetings.

It can be difficult to maintain a connection with God, particularly if you are not part of a religious or spiritual community. In meetings, when we see the miracles that have occurred in the program, we feel more connected to God or our Higher Power. Attending meetings regularly can also keep you in the mind frame of service.

4. Meetings prevent relapses.

The overwhelming majority of the time, people who relapse will tell you that it started when they stopped going to meetings. You are not likely to relapse if you are still going to meetings and being inspired by others in the program. Regular attendance at meetings where people get to know you will give you an opportunity to express your feelings, which is another good way to prevent relapse.

There are many benefits to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. No matter where you are in your recovery, you should stick with them.