The Significance of the 4th Step

People that are looking at 12 step programs will realize that all of these steps play a very important part in the way that people with things like alcohol addiction are able to grow. The fourth step is a very significant one in the 12-step program because this is where people take inventory of themselves and what they have done. They take the time to really get to know themselves.

This fourth step is significant because this is going to be the thing that actually helps people pinpoint why they may be doing what they are doing. In many cases alcoholics, for example, will have a certain reason for utilizing alcohol even if they do not want to do this. They may have a hard time dealing with life and the hand that they have been dealt. Sometimes there can be childhood issues that have never been resolved, and adults maybe taking on alcohol to numb the pain of things that may have happened in their childhood.There are so many different things that are part of the issues that surround those that have addiction problems. With the 12-step program it is obvious that the fourth step is going to be something that everyone must do.

When people take the time to actually look at all that is going on in their lives they get a chance to explore their weaknesses. They get time to themselves where they can explore who they are hanging with. Sometimes drinking may be something that is social and its sparks from the friendships that people have. At other times there are people that are drinking because they believe that it makes them look and feel cool. There are so many possibilities to find the answers to the problem that you have once you take this time for self-evaluation.

This step is crucial, and it is one of the hardest steps to take. It is easy to simply blame the alcohol for things that happened, but it is difficult to take the time to analyze why you are at that point in the first place.

It can be a very hard road to really look at yourself and see all of the things that have led you down this path to destruction. It is eye-opening, however, because it allows you to sort out the details that you otherwise may not have ever wanted to give any thought to.

The great thing about taking this time to look at yourself is that it finally gets everything out in the open. You no longer have to hide behind your addiction. Once you become honest with yourself and take this inventory it becomes easier to see how you can work on the problem. That is why the step is significant. Without acknowledging the problem there is no way to work on the solution. It has always been stated that knowing is half the battle, and this is most certainly the case when it comes to fighting your addiction.

If you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment, it’s important that you get help right away.